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We are a diverse portfolio of specialist media companies spanning news & information, data, technology, marketing and communications. Our flagship brand, The Broadcast Media, is the national news/pr agency for India.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Broadcast Media grants you a platform that ensures that your data is broadcasted promptly through key information systems and that your audiences always have up-to-date knowledge about your company.

As soon as you decide on publishing your news - we'll there for you: resolving the queries, suggestions to improve your release and provide you full handclasp and guidance that makes it easy for you to achieve your goals. We go the additional measure to assure your success and that you have great exposure. We try to provide a great service and, a one-stop-solution for good quality stories with credibility.

As we know, Digital journalism has transformed news from a once-a-day product to a continuous event to be consumed in real-time on social media and news portals where people are consuming news more than ever before, from more sources than ever before. TBM helps you in Media Convergence involves interconnecting IT and telecommunication networks from various media platforms like journals, newspapers, radio, television, among others.

Help You

We are here to Help you

At TBM, we ensure to give you an exposure which is a secret ingredient that can turn a promising startup into a rocketship. We must assure that all of the services and products linked will be maximized by the help of an online publication and distribution company. We try online sharing features to help your news spread across the social web. We help you get positioned on social networks; this allows existing and potential customers to read your story. It is effortless and simple to use our distribution service. Just get in touch with us and our team will handhold you through the entire process – Your release could be out by tomorrow.

Contact us by phone, chat, or email at any time. We are here to help you get commenced or with any enigmas, you may have about your submission to the press release.

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