How TBM Works

How TBM Works

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How TBM Works?


PR Submission & Approval

Digitalization has gained new paramountcy. In today’s world online or digital media is a craze that has engulfed every generation. Around the globe we can see information or knowledge distribution and communication through different multimedia platforms Photos, video, music and written contents are easily distributed over the internet, which can be copyrighted/non-copyrighted materials provided free of cost or with charges. Broadcast or streaming media is one of the most used form of digitalization. Since traditional times this configuration has ruled the globe.

Computer Broadcast includes a network device, which transmits the data to the address of network's broadcast. Routers and Switches act as the hardware components of the network hardware. Then send the data in individual packets to other devices of the group. These devices come under the broadcast domain. In wireless broadcasting, the Service Set Identifier (SSID) of the device transmit the data to other networks. Whereas, social broadcasting is sure the new talk of the town.

The Broadcast Media offers services for the press release and multimedia delivery that enable the Earned Media Advantage: increased brand awareness, increased traffic and increased spending on media and marketing communications.

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Syndication & Distribution

At TBM, we must ensure that all of the services and products associated with an online publication and distribution company are maximized. We will encourage our customers to subscribe to our online publications as opposed to buying from newsstands as part of our strategy to create multiple sources of income in line with our core business concept.

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Distribution Report

After you create your account TBM can bring out the effectiveness of the press release. The Broadcasting Media sends a distribution report that includes a list of live links so that the customers can easily access them all from a single location. Our Agency subscribers will receive a branded distribution report for their press releases.

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Publicity & Visibility

Now that the syndication is completed, one can sit back and enjoys all the publicity invention just gained. A quick search of the press release on search engines now returns thousands of results. A journalist calls for an interview and a company emails her to talk about funding her project. Before the person knows it, his/her invention is on its way to change the world. As for you, if you have an interesting concept to tell, let us help you out so that you too can celebrate your press release campaign success.

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