A meeting up of India’s Marketing Fraternity!

It’s that season when youthful advertisers hobnob with chiefs of industry, when centre supervisors get a brief training from worldwide masters and when the whole promoting crew meets up to join the activity. Welcome to FLOW – The Change Festival. Let’s check to A meeting up of India’s Marketing Fraternity!

Occurring on February 19 and 20, at The Leela Ambience in Gurgaon, FLOW is India’s just promoting celebration. In its debut version a year ago, the celebration drew in many advertising experts from across India with a varied blend of learning content. This year as well, the celebration stays focused on moving past the correspondence and publicizing parts of advertising and do a profound plunge into a centre showcasing, in the entirety of its heap measurements.

As far as substance, there is something for each individual from the advertising clique, going from CXOs to youthful Turks in their initial a long time as advertisers.

A preview of what the celebration offers: 
  • Commencing with a Keynote Address by NirEyal – The top of the line writer of ‘Snared’ and ‘Indistractable’, his books are for advertisers hoping to make and market items that purchasers hold returning to. His smart meeting – on How to Build Habit-Forming Products – will establish the pace for two activity pressed days.
  • Pioneer, Education Reformist and Ramon Magsaysay Awardee SonamWangchuk, whose story propelled the film, 3 Idiots, will talk on ‘Basic Solutions to Complex Problems through Innovation.’
  • Charles Leadbeater, the main expert on development and imagination and in 2005, positioned by Accenture, as one of the top administration masterminds on the planet, will be talking on ‘The Era of Open Innovation’.
  • Patrick Renvoise, the prime supporter of SalesBrain, the world’s first neuromarketing office, utilizes neuroscience revelations to drastically change your deals and promoting execution by focusing on the dynamic piece of your client’s cerebrum. He will discuss ‘Is there a purchase button inside our cerebrums.’
  • Board conversations on a progression of canny subjects, running from ‘How to prevail in a troublesome monetary situation’ to ‘Brand Building versus Performance Marketing’ to ‘How brands consider Marketing on Digital in Innovative manners’ to ‘Supportability and a Circular Economy’.
  • Richard Shotton, the writer of The Choice Factory, a top of the line book on the best way to apply discoveries from conduct science to publicizing, will have a meeting on ‘Buyer Biases and how advertisers can profit by it’.
  • Marty Neumeier, executive of CEO Branding at Liquid, and top-rated writer of a few books including ‘The Brand Gap’ and ‘Cross’, will talk on ‘The New Brand Model – Are you making Brands or Consumers?’
  • Philipp Kristian Diekhoner, a trust futurist, millennial advancement strategist, TEDx speaker and creator of The Trust Economy, will talk on ‘Why Trust is the World’s most significant monetary force.’
  • Sophie Hackford, futurist and author of 1715Labs – a spinout from Oxford University’s Astrophysics Department, will discuss ‘Detonating People’s suppositions on the Future of Tech’.
  • Workshops on energizing topics, for example, Persuasion in Marketing (Neuromarketing), Applying Behavioral Science, Blockchain and Marketing, Rural Marketing, Design Thinking and Neuro-estimation, to give some examples of the learning encounters accessible.
  • Rousing Stories to take advertisers from the Boardroom to Grassroots.
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