A piece of jewellery can mean different things to different people. Some may find it as just another accessory while others may find it as a means to exemplify their personality. Regardless of what the reason may be, every woman always wants to look their best whether it’s a professional environment or a casual one. However it can be a tedious task to find the right piece of jewellery that goes with the attire you wear everyday. 

Light-Weight Diamond Necklace

Candere’s lightweight diamond jewellery are the ornaments that would make you look fabulous effortlessly. The collection of lightweight diamond jewellery design is versatile and goes with any and every outfit, making you look stunning always. 

It has intricate designs and patterns that exudes your beauty and persona with elegance and serendipity. The lightweight diamond necklace is known for their comfort without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. These diamond necklaces are available in various lengths and the most popular picks are the collar diamond necklace, lariat diamond necklace and the rope diamond necklace. These necklaces are versatile not only due to its compatibility with any attire but because it also allows you to layer these exquisite fine jewellery with other necklaces making these light weight jewellery an adaptable piece. 

Yellow-Rose-White Gold Diamond Necklace

Diamond necklaces at Candere are crafted with gold to elicit its true beauty. Yellow gold in the necklace truly appreciates and exudes the diamonds shine and vibrance. These masterpieces accentuates your beauty and adds sophistication to your presence. You could also experiment by wearing these lightweight beauties in rose gold or white gold depending on what you truly desire. Since most women are looking for jewellery that are culturally relevant and imminent, diamond necklaces in rose or white gold act as an extension of your personality and offer you the look and feel of a culturally modern woman. Regardless of what you pick, whether it’s yellow, white or rose, you will undeniably ace your appeal effortlessly. 

Exuberant Youthful Appeal

Lightweight diamond jewellery is the trend now and is most preferable among the young generations. These light-weight jewellery is stylish, unique and relatively easy on the pocket. It would be a smart investment to splurge on an ornament which has a dynamic style rather than compromising on artificial jewellery. Imagine having to waste your earnings on artificial jewellery that has a temporary relevance. Instead, having them spent on a timeless piece would rather benefit you in the long run since you will be walking in style always. And you wouldn’t have to put in as much effort into grooming yourself for the right set of jewellery to go with your dress as you are wearing the perfect one already.

SImplicity That Speaks Volumes

Lightweight diamond necklaces when accessorised with diamond earrings and a diamond ring is an example of how when groomed with minimal jewellery can be so vivid to the eye and speak volumes about yourself. Even an elegant lightweight necklace can make a demure outfit significantly standout. 

Adaptable Fine Jewellery

It is often perceived that light-weight jewellery especially diamond necklace only goes with casual outfits, however this idea has been dissolved. The diamond earrings, diamond rings and the light weight diamond necklaces at Candere can be worn on traditional occasions complementing your traditional dress. Also diamond is forever and will never fade out of style, making diamond jewellery the pinnacle of elegance.

Storage Convenience

Most traditional jewellery were difficult to store and maintain as it would take up too much space. Maintaining traditional jewellery is truly a challenge especially when you are taking them with you as you jump places. Also traditional jewellery are relatively larger than lightweight jewellery, cleaning them could be a challenge too. Artificial jewellery on the other hand were easy to store and clean however the quality deteriorates easily. 

Lightweight diamond jewellery was the viable solution to these challenges as they are light, easy to store and clean, and excels in quality and appeal. 

Authentic Diamonds Certified For Quality

The diamond necklaces, earrings and rings are checked for its genuineness and quality by IGI(International Gemological Institute) and the CGL(Cambay Gemological Lab). Meaning your diamond jewellery will come with a certificate that authenticates the credibility of your jewellery. Also all the diamonds at Candere are conflict free diamonds, meaning they are precious stones that have not financed civil wars and have adhered to ethical practices like safe working conditions and environmentally sound practices. 

The collection of lightweight diamond necklaces, earrings and rings are exceptionally huge and is larger than any physical retail store could offer. Also new pieces of ornaments keep adding to our repertoire regularly, so every now and then you will find pieces that may keep you intrigued. 

About Candere:

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers is an online jewellery boutique that specializes in designing fine diamond and platinum jewellery. An initiative to make fine jewellery of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship more affordable and accessible than ever, Candere aims at providing its customers with a world-class jewellery shopping experience from the comfort of your home. With a catalogue size of 8000+ delicately crafted jewellery, each product in its collection has been conceptualized and distinguishably designed in-house to cater to the continually changing tastes and preferences of contemporary consumers and their lifestyle.

Contact Details:

NAUSHABA ARA, Asst. Brand Manager,

C: +91 9867395967/022-68660202


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