Hyderabad, March 27, 2021: Mesmerizing Celebrities Sip of Araku valleys Coffee, The stride ready for substantial Innovation in Coffee flied to be  served for 1 person costs 3k, It is going to be launched in their flagship Store, MG Road , Gurgaun(NCR-National Capital Region) on 14th April 2021.

Araku Valley coffee is the one of the worlds best coffee, this celebrity Sip will carry the Araku Coffee farmers legacy all across the globe , we nurture those relationships the same way they nurture their beans. We work to get farmers a fair price and to make sure everyone in the community can benefit from the coffee industry   Considered gateway  in to the world  this makes and creates a big market for the Araku valley coffees which makes the coffee farmers lifes better, soon we are getting it into the retail market with a special product name of Araku Cascara, said Mr.Krishna Chaitanya Reddy, Founder & CEO of Krish Food’s & Fun Pvt. Ltd.

cascara made from skin of coffee cherry, until now this cascara uses in different foams  good for health and with  finest loving ,Introducing delightful amusements  however Araku Aroma here every sip reflects  colours of happiness, Saccharine tremendous taste coming coffee icon share a delicious feast with araku aroma  good ideas start with brainstorming great ideas start with coffee obsesses your self by tasting.

However the promoter is not revealing about this costliest coffee right now, lets wait and see till 14th April, how it will be??

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