Authorities Crack Down Illegal Mobile Network Boosters


Teams from Wireless Monitoring Organisation, Department of Telecom, Govt of India conduct inspection ride across Delhi

  • Illegal Mobile Signal Boosters lead to increased incidence of call drops and lower data speeds thus degrading service experience for majority of customers in the area


Mumbai, October 16, 2020: Wireless Monitoring Organisation, Department of Telecom (DoT), with the support of relevant authorities and mobile operators conducted inspection ride on several locations across Delhi to take down illegal mobile signal repeaters installed by individuals.

These locations included both residential and commercial establishments in Sant Nagar, South Extension & East of Kailash. With this exercise in Delhi, 20 illegal repeaters were removed and 10 notices were given to remove the identified ones with immediate effect.

According to Wireless Monitoring Organisation (WMO) of DoT, installation of illegal repeater is punishable offence as per Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933 and Indian Telegraph Act, 1885. Heavy fines may be imposed on owners of several premises who have installed these illegal repeaters.

Illegal mobile signal repeaters have become a major nuisance and are one of the biggest reasons for customers facing network issues like call drops and low data speeds. These illegal repeaters are installed by individuals/establishments at homes/offices/PG/Guest houses to boost mobile signals. These illegal equipment interfere with mobile networks, impacts signal quality and degrades network experience in the complete area. Mobile operator invest in spectrum & network rollout to enhance customer experience however the illegal booster cause interference with the mobile network. Authorities were called to crack down on these installations and take strict action.

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