The Maharishi Valmiki International Airport Ayodhyadham in Ayodhya is set to commence operations from December 30, marking a significant milestone as a major gateway to the temple town. The airport’s first phase of construction, with an estimated cost of around Rs 1,450 crore, includes a 2200m runway suitable for A-321 type aircraft, two link taxiways, and an apron capable of parking eight A321s, along with a designated Ground Support Equipment area.

The newly constructed terminal building, spanning 6,500 square meters, is designed to cater to 600 peak-hour passengers, with an annual handling capacity of 10 lakh passengers. Looking ahead to Phase 2, plans are in place for a larger terminal building covering 50,000 sqm, capable of serving 4,000 passengers during peak hours and accommodating 60 lakh passengers annually.

In terms of operational details, IndiGo and Air India Express are scheduled to run inaugural flights on December 30. IndiGo will initiate daily flights between Mumbai and Ayodhya from January 15. According to the provided schedule, the Mumbai to Ayodhya flight will depart at 12:30 pm, reaching Ayodhya at 2:45 pm, while the return flight will leave Ayodhya at 3:15 pm and land in Mumbai at 5:40 pm.

Air India Express will conduct its inaugural flights between Ayodhya and Delhi on December 30, followed by direct flights to Ayodhya from Bengaluru and Kolkata starting January 17. The Bengaluru-Ayodhya flight will depart at 8:05 am, reaching Ayodhya at 10:35 am, with the return flight departing Ayodhya at 3:40 pm and arriving in Bengaluru at 6:10 pm. For the Kolkata-Ayodhya route, the flight will take off from Ayodhya at 11:05 am, landing in Kolkata at 12:50 pm, and the return flight departing Kolkata at 1:25 pm and arriving in Ayodhya at 3:10 pm.

Bookings for these flights are available through the respective airlines’ mobile apps, websites, and other major booking platforms. The Ayodhya Airport is poised to enhance connectivity and contribute to the region’s accessibility.

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