Covid-19 vaccination, Cowin blocks users for excessive search for slots. The CoWin automatically logs out users who have been making 20 plus search requests in a 15 minutes time span. The system will also start blocking users who have more than 1000 searches for Covid-19 vaccines slots. Furthermore it blocks those users who generate 50 OTPs in 24 hours.

Though the previous CoWin errors have been resolved, CoWin users are again going through a hard time to book a slot. CoWin users getting  “your account is blocked for exceeding search limit. Please read our terms and conditions”. A large number of users locked out of their accounts. This happened because they made several attempts to book their slots.

Whereas until now The Government of India had not mentioned anything with respect to the number of times a user can book a slot. An official from the portal team management spoke to The Times Of India (TOI). The official said “The idea is to ensure those booking slots manually do not end up competing bots”. Further, the official said that users making 20 or more requests within a very short period of time raises suspicion of bot activity. 

The official added “ at least 6,000 users have been blocked nationwide over the last few days for suspicious activity”. Further added “ we will be tracking all those users. And if this activity would not stop on their behalf, they might even block those users permanently. The official said “ they have introduced Terms of Service on CoWIN recently to clarify this”

Not long ago, The Government of India introduced a new set of guidelines for Co-WIN. Stating ” it will allow third parties to enable registration, scheduling, and management of vaccination through their apps. The ability to book COVID vaccine slots from multiple apps makes it easier for users to search for vaccine slots more frequently. Since they try on each app in order to secure a slot.

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