With the entire commotion caused due to coronavirus, the doctors and policemen have had to dedicate their time and efforts to help the people of India. Dr. Vishal Nivadunge has been carrying out his duties and responsibilities as instructed by the government but at the same time he has been working overtime to help out people whenever he has time to spare and free of cost too.

Dr. Vishal Nivadunge is located in Kandivali, Mumbai. He is playing the role of an angel in disguise in Mumbai by helping the Mumbai Police. 

He carries out free checkups and helps the police officers to fight against this virus and at the same time he provides a helping hand to the public by providing his services without any benefits in return. And this charitable endeavor led by him is supported and encouraged by his lovely wife Mrs. Priya Nivadunge. And they run Shreenil Multispeciality Clinic together.

Dr. Vishal has also been of great help to people over the phone by providing consultation in regards to COVID-19 and has done all of this out of the goodwill of his heart and doesn’t earn or expect a penny for doing so. 

In such a difficult time, it is actually a miracle to come across such a selfless worker, who aims to help and uplift people around him in every way that he can. With all the chaos that exists around us and with the number of cases rising each day, it has become a great difficulty for patients to get treated in hospitals. So many people have to wait and are even being overlooked as most of the hospitals are already packed and there are no beds available. Dr. Vishal has been of tremendous help to people who have been in need of beds and treatment for COVID-19. 

He has done everything in his ability to arrange for beds for patients so that they can be treated and cured from this deadly virus. It is because of social workers like him that people can see and experience hope in these excruciating situations. Infact, Dr. Vishal has also visited Samta Nagar Police Station, Kandivali East so that he could carry out checkups of all the police officers working there. Even this was out of the concern and generosity of his heart. 

He also provided medication to each of them as a precautionary measure against coronavirus. He has not only invested his funds in helping the people of India but has also spent a lot of his time and efforts to improve the lives and health of so many people. Generally, in such a critical condition people automatically tend to look out for themselves and be afraid due to the possibilities. But Dr. Vishal has been anything but fearful in this situation. His heart, mind and body have been set on helping and serving the people of his country. He has kept his own safety and health on one side to be able to serve his country and save the lives of many. 

There is no perfect way for us to show our appreciation and gratitude for everything that he has done and continues to do. But we can certainly say that we are blessed to have someone like him in our society and highly respect him for all his selflessness and concern. 

He is an extraordinary person who is not only reaching out to the government officials who have been unprotected against this virus but he has also been helping the poor and needy who don’t have sufficient funds to get them themselves checked or treated. Like it is often said that doctors are a form of blessings sent by God into our lives, we can see from the life of Dr. Vishal that it is rightly said so. Although times are tough and our natural instinct would be to stay away from others so that we can remain safe, Dr. Vishal has done just the opposite of that because his humanity and selflessness supersedes his need to be safe. 

We look up to a human being like him who stands as an inspiration to each of us. These words cannot compare to everything that he has done. He wishes to carry on this work and expand it even more. This is the true story of a warrior in the midst of a global crisis who has dedicated his life to serve and help others. 

Dr. Vishal and his wife have blessed the lives of many and they have used their resources to help people from every walk of life. From government officials to victims of this virus to the poor and needy, they have been supportive to each and every person who came to them for help. In fact, they went out of their way to help people too. 

We are really proud and privileged to live amongst people like Dr. Vishal and his wife Priya Nivadunge. 

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