is the website you would want to check out if you are in need of stock advisory services. This website run by Manish Goyal lays out content before you which is the definition of honest and efficient advice. It isn’t just theoretical knowledge but it gives you solid answers that will help you make your moves in the stock market. 

There are so many real life comparisons provided on this website so that you have the right sense of direction. It talks about Intraday trading/short term investing in comparison to long-term investing. They point out exactly how you can benefit the most and not your broker. They guide you so that you are able to achieve your goal of making wealth, if that is your goal! On the website they have mentioned how long term Value Investing/Fundamental Investing in Small Cap stocks and Mid Cap stocks is the best way to earn your wealth in the stock market. 

They even use metaphors so that you are able to clearly understand how to go about investing. For instance, they have made it clear that intraday traders/short term investors are like those who are picking pennies in front of a road-roller. And one day the road-roller will come and steamroll all of them in one go. This is the kind of advice that investors need so that they are able to see things in the right light and walk down the paths that will benefit them the most. They also specifically provide wisdom to new investors so that they are able to start on the right foot. 

For new investors, the website has stated that they would not benefit by investing in these Buffet multibagger stocks now as these stocks have multiplied hundreds of times. They will have to find new similar multibagger stocks which are at an early stage of rise. This website is exactly the place to find those stocks. The story behind the creator of this website has also been mentioned.  

Manish Goyal is a Chartered Accountant (2005 qualified and rank holder) who chose stock market investing as his main career because investing has always been his passion from the beginning. After becoming a CA, he worked as a finance manager in one of the top MNCs in India for 4 years but then resigned from there so that he could pursue his passion. He is a Value Investor and believes in Fundamental Analysis. 

He has started investing ever since 2002 and has seen many Bulls and Bear cycles since then. He has also been able to find many multibagger undervalued Small Cap stocks and Mid Cap stocks at their early stages. But his heart goes out to the retail investors who follow anyone who appears on TV or other media platforms and end up losing money. Therefore, he decided to offer his wisdom and intellect when it comes to investing so that people are not misled. He has even given a few sound investment principles on this website and if you decide to follow them then you are sure to do very well in stock markets. 

If you are a new investor or planning to start investing in the stock market then you should definitely refer to this website. It will give you the right kind of exposure and provide you with honest information that is sure to benefit you and bring you the wealth you aim for. The investment principles provided on the website can give you an idea of how you need to invest, what you should be aware of and what to avoid too. 

Investors need to understand that it is not easy to find an undervalued stock, this is one of the first principles mentioned. It also states that very deep knowledge of Finance, Ratio, etc is required in order to find undervalued stocks. These are things to keep in mind and where an investor needs to start. This website has provided step-by-step principles so that you can slowly sink into the world of stocks. Another principle mentioned is that one should always invest according to Fair Value of a share. Another said that one should never buy on margin and also never take a bank loan to invest in equity. 

All these principles are eye-opening and will make sure that you don’t get lost in the world of stocks. This is definitely a website that you should look up if you are interested in getting involved in the stock market. 

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