During the annual Techfest at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay, Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm, unveiled the telecom operator’s forthcoming project, the ‘Bharat GPT’ programme, in collaboration with the institute. Ambani shared this information but refrained from providing detailed specifics about the initiative.

Acknowledging the ongoing discussions, a source close to the company informed Inc42 that these talks remain in their preliminary stages, without any finalized agreement between the parties at present. Inc42 has sought clarification from the company and will update the story upon receiving a response.

In addition to the Bharat GPT programme, Ambani hinted at Jio’s potential launch of an operating system (OS) tailored for televisions, underscoring that this product has been in development for some time. He expressed Jio’s strategic intent in crafting an OS dedicated to TV systems.

Addressing the transformative potential of AI, Ambani highlighted the nascent stage of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI within the evolving technological landscape. He emphasized the forthcoming decade as being defined by AI-driven applications that will revolutionize diverse sectors. Ambani shared plans to integrate AI extensively across Jio’s media, commerce, communication, and device segments, outlining the imminent introduction of AI-powered products and services.

Amidst affirmations of Jio’s pioneering strides, including the advent of 5G private networks, Ambani touted Jio as the world’s largest startup. Encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs, he emphasized the importance of embracing failure and steering efforts toward societal welfare.

The announcement coincides with Jio’s recent endeavors, including the introduction of Jio Bharat phones and a speculated cloud laptop. Moreover, the company disclosed a collaboration with NVIDIA, aiming to construct a sophisticated cloud-based AI computing infrastructure. Further initiatives involve establishing the first TM Forum Innovation Hub in Mumbai, concentrating on GenAI, LLMs, and open digital architecture (ODA) development.

Reliance’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani, previously highlighted the imperative for India to harness AI for innovation and competitiveness, underscoring the significance of AI-driven growth.

According to Inc42, India houses over 70 GenAI startups that collectively secured more than $440 Mn in funding between 2019 and Q3 2023

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