Schaeffler Development 

Expands facility at Lok Vidyalaya School in Lamdapura village near  Savliby inaugurating Boys Hostel for approx. 156 student

Aims to provide best in class education facilities to rural India

Hostel built at an investment ofapproximately INR 30 million

Vadodara | Feb 06, 2021 | In line with its commitment to supportcommunity development, Schaeffler India, a leading industrial and automotive supplier, today held an inaugural ceremony of the newly constructed Boys Hostel for Lok Vidyalaya school in Lamdapura village near Savli. The objective behind this initiative, which is fully funded by Schaeffler India, is to provide much safer and healthier educational environment to the under-privileged boys and to expand their overall educational opportunities. This is in line with their flagship CSR initiative ‘HOPE ’and its vision of building a nation that is self-sustaining and prosperous by creating a pool of equal opportunities for the young children.
The inaugural function took place at Lok Vidyalaya School and was inaugurated by – Mr. Harsha Kadam, CEO Schaeffler India and President, Industrial Business and Mr. Santanu Ghoshal, Vice President – Human Resources & Head – CSR, Schaeffler India, Schaeffler India. The Lok Vidyalaya school was adopted by Schaeffler India a few years ago and the newly built Boys‘ Hostel can accommodate approximately 156 students. The facility is built providing facilities that are at par with any modern urban schools. The hostel facility includes bunk beds for students with individual storage cupboards, a common dining hall, well-equipped kitchen and store rooms and proper common toilet facilities on each floor.
Sharing his thoughts on the same, Mr. Santanu Ghoshal, Vice President – Human Resources & Head – CSR, Schaeffler India added, “At Schaeffler, along with our business operations in the region, we deeply believe in contributingand making a positive impact in the societies around us in which we serve. These people of these villages have become like a second family to us at Schaeffler India. While we had already previously built a girls hostel at the Lok Vidyalaya school, it gives me immense satisfaction to inaugrate this new facility for the boys as well. We hope that this will bring about an even further improvement number of enrollments at the school. We are positive that we will be able to bring about even greater change in the community, empowering the rural population to grow in a better and progressive environment”.
Since the involvement of Schaeffler India, the effect on student enrollment has really inspired the student retention ratio to increase to 90 percent with a male-female ratio of 60:40. Infact, before the boys hostel Schaeffler India had previously built a girls’ hostel. Schaeffler India’s efforts towards supporting the education of lesser privilaged students at Lok Vidyalaya School also recently received appreciation in the form of ‘Diamond’ awards – the highest award for “Par Excellence Performance” at the Third HR / CSR Virtual Convention 2020-21 organized by the Vadodara chapter of the Quality Circle Movement in India (QCFI).
About Lok Vidyalaya School
The Lok Vidyalaya School is a residential Grant-in-Aid Tribal Secondary School located in the village of Lamdapura in Savli, Gujarat, which was adopted by Schaeffler India back in 2016. Under our HOPE CSR program, Schaeffler India provides complete infrastructure and educational support to the school to encourage differently-abled & lesser-privileged students in the rural villages to pursue education and fulfill their dreams. 
More than 93% of the students of Lok Vidyalaya School belong to marginalized communities (SC/ST/OBC) with nearly 40% of the students being girls. As a result of Schaeffler India’s continuous efforts towards providing holistic education for all, Schaeffler India has been investing in improving the school facilities, including the construction of a state-of-the-art girl’s hostel at the school premises.
Since Schaeffler India’s adoption of the Lok Vidyalaya school, there has been a significant improvement in both the enrollment of students (girl students in particular) as well as in the educational results of the students
About HOPE
Schaeffler India as a part of its CSR program has consolidated its activities and focus exclusively on a few core areas which will make a meaningful impact on the community and make a difference. HOPE is Schaeffler India’s umbrella initiative encompassing the values, vision and mission of the organization. Through this initiative Schaeffler India strives to contribute, to the motto \’सर्वेभवन्तुसुखिनः\’ (May everyone be happy). It is derived from the four core areas of focus – Healthcare, Occupational skill, Preservation of national heritage, art & culture and Empowerment of society. Under HOPE, Schaeffler India runs a number of initiatives for the four focus areas. 
About Schaeffler India Limited
Schaeffler has been present in India for over 50 years. With 3 well known product brands LuK, INA and FAG, 4 manufacturing plants and 11 sales offices, Schaeffler has a significant presence in India. Schaeffler is among the largest Industrial and Automotive supplier with sales of INR 43.6 billion in 2019 and around 2800 employees. The manufacturing plants in Maneja and Savli (Vadodara), produce a vast range of ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings and wheel bearings that are sold under the brand name of FAG. The plant at Talegaon near Pune, manufactures engine and powertrain components for front accessory drive system, chain drive systems, valve train, gear shift systems and a range of needle roller bearings and elements, under the brand INA. The fourth manufacturing location is based out of Hosur, producing a wide range of clutches and hydraulic clutch release systems for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and tractors sold under the brand of LuK. Schaeffler also has the largest after-market networks serving the industrial and automotive customers. All of this is backed by dedicated engineering, research and development support based in India in support of product teams.

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