Shopicoin Invites Applications for a Prospective ICO, launches a Lucrative ETH based Crypto for Investors

Making money is something that everyone lives for, but what about virtual money, are they capable of fulfilling dreams as well? The Cyptocurrency is a development that has swept across the new generation with a reliable digital payment option. Taking the technology forward is the ICO or Initial Coin Offering. A number of names have emerged in the past few years in the ICO bandwagon and Shopicoin is one of the latest additions. The company boasts of a strong base and has gained a new momentum joining hands with Shopizio E-Commerce Limited.

In an event held for the pre-launch of the Shopicoin ICO, Mr. Chittaranjan Roy, the CEO was heard saying, “We want to carve a niche in the digital world through our customer-oriented projects that also reflect our modern outlook. He further said “Extending our futuristic business concept is Shopicoin that merges the traditional benefits of crowdsourcing with the modernity of the Blockchain.”

On asking what makes Shopicoin different from other ICO programmes, Mr. Roy clarified that Shopicoin refrains from any sort of false claims and promises to the investors. It is getting launched with a lot of transparency and adopts a long-lasting approach keeping the interest of the investors in mind. He also revealed that as the ICO proceeds, there will be many more pleasant surprises for those, who want their funds managed and multiplied, in a dynamic way.

 It is notable that the Shopicoin ICO offers a number of extra income features under following programmes –

•              • Binary Level Income,

•              • Referral Income and

•              • Directors’ Club Bonus

Investors are also entitled to rewards on holding of the tokens till the completion of the ICO. If that is not all, they can trade their Shopicoins on recognised Crypto exchanges, once ICO gets over.

With so much noise about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency going around, trying your hand in the crypto world is not a bad idea at all. And with companies like Shopicoin, investors are in safe hands, going by the words of the CEO. In the age of Internet, where physical transactions are losing their importance, Shopicoin not only offers ease of payment, but also a promising future to the investors.

About the Company

Shopicoin Cryptocurrency Limited (Registration code: 14807386) was incorporated on 18th September, 2019 in Rosenitn13, J 0111, Tallinn linn, Harju Maakond, Republic of Estonia, with a share capital of EUR 2500.

Shopicoin is a cryptocurrency based on the concept of propagating convenience in financial transactions and it is this concept that makes it a superior payment solution. It is an answer to the search for a dependable digital currency backed by modern, real world applications. Shopicoin promises to start off a new wave of decentralized and trusted payment in world E Commerce ecosystem, which would work along with the current platforms. Our competitors in the market would include all the E-Commerce platforms that fail to provide viable benefits before consumers. Consumers would have the power to both gain and retrieve Shopicoin tokens on our e-commerce marketplace, Shopikuchbhi. One of the basic benefits of being on Ethereum Block chain would be to merge the advantages of Payments & Rewards in certain products where customers would be excited to get hooked in via utilization of Blockchain technology.

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