Tune in the clink of KonkanKanya in Times Music Marathi

Whenever you board a train from Mumbai to Goa reserve your spot on a train that additionally has a hit jingle gave to praise it. An astonishing hit jingle called KonkanKanya has been made particularly for the KonkanKanya train. Let’s check to Tune in the clink of KonkanKanya in Times Music Marathi.

This melody has been accepting rave surveys and a great reaction from crowds. Abhimanyu Kale MD MTDC says, “The KonkanKanya train melody will advance the travel industry on the coastal belt. Konkani characteristic excellence in plenitude has been anticipated and uncommon commendations to Times Group and VirendraUpadhye to execute it.”

Photograph by AmeyaBhave

This melody can likewise be seen in the entirety of its greatness on Times Music Marathi stage.

Vocalist and Music Director PadmashreePadmajaPhenanyJoglekar has sung pleasantly. Chief SagarPagar and Editor Narendra Singh of Motokondria Films have taken extraordinary endeavours to make the KonkanKanya melody an appealing one with a heavenly video. Konkan Kanya tune has been Co-Produced by VirendraUpadhye and bolstered by Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.

Shantadurga Temple, Goa 

Co-maker VirendraUpadhye is content with the video’s general look. As per him, KonkanKanya melody isn’t just a wonderful version, in certainty, it genuinely realizes Konkan locale’s characteristic abundance. The visual effect of each scene is amazing. One of the best seashore Blue Flag Boghwe sea shore vacationers were moving and singing KonkanKanya Song… It was an astonishing experience to hear them.

By chance, Manisha Kelkar, Actress and Formula 4 Motor Car Racer likes to visit Goa on a decent drive and has additionally cherished the excursion that the train brings to the table credit as a result of the tune. 

Recently chose BJP president SadanandTanavade was glad to get this melody as Gift rather than a bunch. He says, “It’s a pleasant jingle of Goas rich culture and legacy. I compliment and thank my Goan companion in Mumbai for showing me this one of a kind child

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