New Delhi–25 May 2021: Esri India, the country’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) Software & Solutions provider, has created a map to follow Cyclone Yass Live Path. I build the map with ArcGIS Online, Esri’s mapping, and analytics system, and provide updates on the weather, wind speed, number of households, and population in the area. The map is merging the information from various authoritative feeds and sources for an integrated view of the movement and impact of Cyclone Yass. In a disaster scenario like Cyclone, Esri leverages its mapping technology to help masses, NGOs, Civil Societies, and government departments with scientifically generated & processed weather information and forecasts, with Geographic reference. The GIS Map provides early information like forecast position, forecast trend, observed track for cyclone, wind speed, watches, and warnings among others, that can be useful in mapping and risk preparedness. The Cyclone Yass Live Path GIS Map application would also help in early preparedness in terms of most affected areas, evacuation planning, shelters, and rehabilitation plans.


Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India, said,

The aim is to give a common view to relevant authorities, departments and social organizations in order to maximize reach-out to citizens so that there is a timely action for the safety of life and property.

Someone specifically created the Cyclone Yass Live Path Map to provide updates leveraging Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. This will help citizens and organizations involved to prepare and temporarily re-locate to lesser severe areas. At Esri India, our focus is to bring information together from different sources and share in a common GIS platform so that it can help reduce damages and facilitate a collaborative response in saving lives and property.”

Esri India closely works with government, state government and weather mapping agencies, Survey of India, and other public and private institutions. The company has successfully delivered innovative GIS solutions to over 5000 organizations for applications in Land management, Water, Utilities, Infrastructure, Disaster Management, Telecommunications, Urban Development, Smart Cities, Transportation, Defence and Natural resources.

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