Clientell, a burgeoning player in the revenue operations (RevOps) realm, has recently secured a significant milestone, raising $2.5 million in a seed funding round. The round was spearheaded by Blume Ventures, with substantial contributions from Chiratae Ventures, Artha Venture Fund, and Silicon Valley’s Z5 Capital.

This isn’t Clientell’s first rodeo in the funding circuit. Back in late 2021, they secured $600,000 from Chiratae Ventures’ sonic cohort, a round co-led by Artha Venture Fund. The infusion of capital is earmarked for bolstering their product offerings and scaling up their team.

Saahil Dhaka and Neil Sarkar, both alumni of BITS Pilani, laid the foundations of Clientell during their final year in 2021. Their brainchild specializes in deploying tailored forecasting processes and machine learning (ML) models for each client, carving a niche in the RevOps landscape. One of Clientell’s hallmark features is its conversational interface, designed to seamlessly integrate into users’ workflows across various mediums.

The driving force behind Clientell’s mission is harnessing the power of AI to augment productivity, trim costs associated with multiple tools, and enhance data quality. As Saahil Dhaka, the Founder & CEO, succinctly puts it, “When the world is talking about 10 times developers, we’re focused on bringing useful AI products to help 10 times salespeople, CRM developers, and GTM leaders.”

Targeting chief revenue officers and go-to-market leaders, Clientell positions itself as an indispensable AI copilot, facilitating streamlined GTM execution and optimizing pipeline governance and forecasting. The company’s clientele encompasses growth-stage SaaS enterprises and major players in the pharmaceutical domain, with ongoing collaborations with initial design partners and early adopters.

The crux of Clientell’s strategy revolves around fortifying their core AI platform and capabilities, seamlessly melding generative AI with traditional machine learning to furnish decision-makers with actionable insights via a conversational interface. This synthesis of cutting-edge technologies holds the key to disrupting the Revenue Operations space, as opined by Venkatesh Peddi, Managing Director and Partner at Chiratae Ventures.

Peddi expresses confidence in Clientell’s trajectory, affirming, “Saahil and Neil continue to impress us with their vision, and early customer feedback on the platform that they have built has been super positive.” Chiratae Ventures is poised to continue its support for Clientell, underscoring their commitment to the startup’s journey.

In essence, Clientell’s successful seed funding round not only underscores investor confidence in its vision but also signals a promising trajectory for the company as it gears up to redefine the landscape of Revenue Operations.

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