A 21-days-old baby girl named Ganga was found floating in Ganga in a wooden box. The box was found floating on the river near the Dadri ghat which falls under the Ghazipur police station.

Gullu Chaudhary, a local boatman found the box. Along with the baby girl the box carried a picture of the Hindu goddess Durga. It also contained a horoscope and an incense stick.

Gully Chaudhary took her home, but when the local police were informed about the same they admitted her to the district hospital. Following which the investigation started. The police further said the baby is named “Ganga” as per the birth chart found in the box. The baby is found healthy as per the results of the district hospital.

Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath took to Twitter to praise the boatman. “As a token of gratitude, he will be benefitted by all eligible government schemes. The UP government will make arrangements for the upbringing of the child” the Chief Minister said in a tweet in Hindi.


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