“Covid 19 has tormented the entire world, sparing none – not even the Sports Industry. Even though this year’s IPL broke records in terms of viewership, yet we cannot deny the fact that other factors associated with India’s Premier Sports league have suffered vastly;  due to the strict regulation policies such as bio bubbles and  organizing the event within closed-door stadiums to stop the spread of the virus, resulted in unprecedented losses. However, looking at the brighter side, the pandemic has  helped in exposing  people to a digital India which was probably one of the best things  to have  happened in terms of the retail industry.  This played a significant role in sustaining the industry and  will for sure play a significant role in the overall revival of both, the Sports as well as the retail industry in the near future”



“As we welcome 2021, we need to understand that,  the spectre of COVID-19 will continue to haunt the Sports Industry. To survive the effects and aftermath of the ruthlessness of COVID19, we must  leverage digital tools to drive new and  better revenue streams.  Secondly, we should  be active in addressing social issues such as race, gender, and LGBT+ inequality and injustice. Finally, we must endeavour to explore new ways to fuel fan engagement; after all fans are the essence of  the entire sports industry.”



Rhiti Group



Established in 2007, Rhiti Sports provides access to a world of opportunity, with one overriding common purpose: Create value for stakeholders. As a fully integrated sports marketing & management company, we open a window to an unparalleled global network of industry experts, media distribution organizations, rights holders, athletes, events, original content, experiential zones, movie production, live entertainment and brands for our clients. We lend expertise to a wide range of services such as sports consultancy, conceptualization, athlete representation, sports asset management & marketing, event management, media rights distribution, sponsorship, live entertainment and original content production services.

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