Dominican court says fugitive diamond jeweller Mehul Choksi should be deported to India as his plea is not maintainable. Mehul Choksi wanted over ₹ 13,500 crore loan fraud case with Punjab National Bank (PNB) in India. Also for illegally entering into the Caribbean island nation from Antigua.

Mehul Choksi arrested

  • On May 23 for alleged illegal entry to the Caribbean island country, the local media reported.
  • Choksi, appeared before the magistrate court on a wheelchair in a blue T-shirt and black shorts. He was brought from the Dominica China Friendship Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment.

Choksi pleaded before the magistrate. Choksi said that ” I am a victim. Abducted and forcibly brought to Dominica from neighboring Antigua and Barbuda”. Dominica News Online reported this.

 The Dominica High Court, hearing a habeas corpus petition filed by Choksi. A habeas corpus petition is filed for producing before a court a person who is under arrest or in unlawful detention.

The court heard the case on Monday. The judge ruled the application of habeas corpus to be adjourned on Thursday 9 am. On the contrary the judge came to this decision after deliberations for just over 3 hour. The Antigua News Room reported this. 

Prosecutor Sherma Dalrymple told the court that Choksi is a “flight risk”. Since he does not have any ties in Dominica. Concluding that granting the bail will prevent Choksi from fleeting the country

Mehul Choksi and his nephew Nirav Modi

  • Choksi and his nephew, celebrity jeweller Nirav Modi, had skipped India in January 2018, weeks before the PNB scam surfaced. Later, it became known that he had taken citizenship of Antigua two months before.
  • Both brothers are accused of siphoning ₹ 13,500 crore of public money from the state-run Punjab National Bank (PNB). While Nirav Modi is in London prison after being repeatedly denied bail.


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